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If Only Life Were More Like a Computer

Think of it. . .
If you messed up a relationship, you could just press "CTRL, ALT, DELETE" and start all over!
To get your daily exercise, you'd simply click on "RUN"!
To get a little break from life, you'd click on "SUSPEND"; then, when you were ready, you'd press "any key" to get back on the merry-go-round.
To scare away moles, you'd turn up the sound blaster.
To add/remove someone in your life, you'd click "SETTINGS" and CONTROL PANEL.
To improve your appearance, you could just adjust the DISPLAY settings.
If life got too noisy, you'd turn off the speakers.
If you lost your car keys, you'd click on "FIND."
"HELP" with the chores would be just a single click away.
You'd never need car insurance you'd use your handy diskette to recover from a crash.
And all you'd need to do to get a pizza would be to click on "SEND NOW"

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